Our Story

The passion for our paulinehansondogpoobags.com project stemmed from our strong opposition to the hate filled fear mongering in politics we hear today not only in Australia but in many other countries around the world. The people who are supposed to be leading us and setting an example for upcoming generations seem to be doing so rather detrimentally for the evolution of the entire human race.

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne we were learned to accept that not everybody is going to think like you, have the same beliefs as you, speak like you or even eat the kind of food you eat, however we were taught to use this as a positive tool to try and learn and absorb as much about the different cultures in our community as we possibly could. Each new cultural experience widened our spectrum of acceptance and pushed us towards building a strong community where people lifted each other up rather than pushed each other down.

Seeing this shift towards the opposite of how we were raised has us very concerned. Concerned to the point where we are worried about what the future of this great land holds for the generations to come. I would fight for everybody's right to their opinion and also their right to voice it, however if ideologies such as the hateful ignorant ones Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party put forward begin to gain weight in our political system, nothing but negative outcomes will be achieved.

We all try and do our own part in our own little way in this world, and this small project is our way of letting Hanson and her supporters know that it's difficult to respect hate filled opinions orchestrated to divide and instil even more fear in an already petrified world.