Welcome to Australia

Wednesday, 10th August 2016

Well what can we say about Pauline Hanson? It's a name that's synonymous with Australian Politics since the mid 1990's where she came into the public eye with her fiery red hair and explosive mouth. She quickly made a name for herself as a bigot and racist and it wasn't long till her maiden speech to the House of Representatives as a member of the Liberal party caused a storm of controversy because of its criticisms of Aboriginals, multiculturalism and immigration. The sentence in which Hanson claimed "I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians" became the most well-known line of the speech and did nothing but instil more hate and fear into the world. It's no wonder she lost her seat soon after in 1998.

Now fast forward 20 years and she is back in the lime light for more of the same racist and bigoted reasons, however this time her hatred is targeted towards another minority group, Muslims. She has gone on to claim many reasons as to why "Islam has no place in Australia…". Her fear mongering includes threats of a possible jihad on Australia, sharia law being introduced, terrorism, halal certification and many more. The only problem for Hanson here is that there is practically absolutely no evidence to back any of her claims and thus makes them all completely redundant. Some of her political party One Nation's policies include:

  • Call for an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology
  • Stop further Muslim Immigration and the intake of Muslim refugees
  • Ban the Burqa and Niquab in public places
  • Driver's licence cannot be obtained without showing the full face and having photo ID on driver's licence
  • Surveillance cameras to be installed in all Mosques and schools. Mosques to be open to the public during all opening hours
  • No more mosques to be built until the inquiry is held
  • Oppose the introduction of Sharia Law
  • Investigate welfare payments paid to Muslims who may be in multiple marriages, having multiple children
  • Ban Halal certification. Halal certified food not to be provided in prisons or the armed services. Companies may comply for export but no monies must be paid
  • Call for a referendum to change Section 116 of the Australian Constitution
  • Muslims will not be allowed to be sworn in to Parliament under the Qur'an
  • Female genital mutilation to carry lengthy jail term

It does not take a genius to see that these policies her party are pushing for are nothing but completely idiotic and will only spread more fear and hate into a world that needs nothing but love at the moment.

Australia does have a very strong history of racism and abuse towards not only its original inhabitants however also towards the migrants of the past who helped turn this country into what it is today, however over many recent years we have turned this beautiful country into a mostly peace loving nation where everybody gets along and learns from each other's differences rather than use them as a divide. Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party are pushing Australia backwards towards a country that not many of us would say we were proud to be a part of, and it is up to all of us to do what we can to show her and all of her supporters that we won't be having any of it! As far as we're are concerned this is our beautiful multicultural Australia where we accept people despite of their differences, and if she can either love it or leave!